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RAILEAN Distillery

Kelly Railean (AKA RAILEAN) and Matthew Railean founded the RAILEAN Distillery in 2006 to become the first legal rum distillery in Texas. Located in San Leon, “a small drinking community with a large fishing problem”, the RAILEAN distillery offers locals and tourists a venue of high-quality handcrafted spirits and cocktails to enjoy at home or in a relaxed “pirate meets the Caribbean” atmosphere.

The RAILEAN’s had the idea to start a rum distillery while drinking bad rum at their favorite local pirate bar called the Buccaneer Bar which was located at the San Leon Marina. The original Buccaneer Bar was destroyed by Hurricane Ike in 2008 and was never rebuilt. In 2012, the Texas Distilled Spirits Association lobbied the Texas legislator to change the laws governing distilleries allowing them to sell spirits in bottles and cocktails at their facility. The Railean Distillery opened their tasting room to the public in 2013 and dubbed the new facility the RAILEAN Buccaneer Bar in memory of their favorite pirate bar.

Today, the RAILEAN Distillery and Buccaneer Bar offers up fun and educational distillery tours, craft spirits and cocktails. In addition, they offer the best selection of pirate merchandise, live music, and special events.

You can even become a RAILEAN Pirate Guild member, get initiated into the Pirate Guild, learn our secret toast and greeting, bling your pirate mug or take the pirate challenge to receive a personalized pirate patch, which is hung from the bar to prove your dedication to the guild.

We hope to see you soon….Arrh