RAILEAN Pirate Guild™

The RAILEAN Pirate Guild is an exclusive self governing organization whose purpose is to:

  • Educate consumers about the history of American Rum
  • Educate consumers about why they should support RAILEAN Handcrafted American Rum
  • Educate consumers on the difference between mass produced rum and handcrafted rum
  • Provide benefits to loyal consumers that support RAILEAN Handcrafted American Rum™
  • Provide a unique craft cocktail bar to enjoy the company of like-minded Pirates

Member Benefits:

  • Exclusive Pirate Mug
  • Membership Badge with Personalized Pirate Name and Personality
  • Discounts on Railean Merchandise
  • Email updates on RAILEAN special events, bottle signings, dinners and tastings
  • "By invitation only" events (i.e. new product launch, barrel sampling, distillery events, educational seminars)
  • Pirate Guild Drink Challenge
  • Learn the secret Pirate Guild password
  • Learn how to recognize and greet other Railean Pirate Guild Members
  • Learn to toast like a true Pirate

How to become a Pirate Guild Member:

  • Take a tour of the RAILEAN Distillery and learn about Railean Handcrafted American Rum
  • Complete the Pirate Guild Membership Application
  • Complete the Pirate Guild verbal test
  • Complete the Pirate Guild physical test
  • If you pass both tests, we will collect a nominal fee and in return you will receive your official Railean Pirate Guild Mug filled with Grog  and you can begin receiving member benefits
  • Your official membership badge will be ready for pick up at the distillery (we don't mail them) in 1-2 weeks
  • Keep the Pirate Guild password and greeting a secret but please feel free to recruit friends, family and neighbors

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